Outsourcing To Fiverr 2

Outsourcing To Fiverr 2

by John Wagner on January 24, 2014

Hiring at Fiverr


By now, you have probably heard of the site Fiverr, where you can find someone willing to do just about anything for $5.  It’s a great place to outsource those little projects you need done but don’t have time or can’t do yourself.  You may already have an account if you are a seller, but how do you hire someone at Fiverr for a gig you need?

This article will discuss how to set-up your buyer account, how to hire a gig, and working with Fiverr.

Shopping Tab

The shopping is where you can see what you have ordered and the record of your orders. It is the area where you can check the status of your current orders.

Marking Complete

Once the seller delivers their product or service to you, the order status changes to “Delivered”. This is the time when you have the option to rate your experience. Leave feedback on how well your experience went.

Tips for Hiring

There are three levels on Fiverr that providers can fall into. This helps you decide which seller you want to buy from. The levels means that the sellers have excellent ratings and a proven record of successful gigs.

The levels are:

Level One Sellers – Sellers who have completed at least 10 successful orders.

Level Two Sellers – These sellers have completed over 50 successful orders within the past two months.

Level Three Sellers – These are manually chosen by the Fiverr moderators. These sellers have extremely high ranking, a large volume of sales, and exceptional customer service.

It is a good idea to choose a top rated seller. Of course, you need to read the reviews before making a final decision. You’ll want to know what other buyers have experienced with the gig and the seller. 5-ratings for fiverr

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a seller:

What is the seller’s gig rating?

What’s the seller’s rating?

How many positive and negative reviews do they have?

How many buyers have starred the gig?

Be aware of the estimated delivery time of the gig and how many orders are ahead of yours before you make your final gig choice.

Express gigs is something new to Fiverr. These gigs mean you get instant delivery within 24 hours. Choose these types of gigs when you have a fast job that must be done right away.

Using Fiverr For Outsourcing Conclusion

Hiring on Fiverr is an excellent way to outsource some of your projects. By carefully examining the sellers and their gigs you can find quality work. The basic steps then, for using Fiverr are simple. Find gigs by searching the categories or using keywords in the search box. Filter the gigs by rating, looking for top rated sellers. Read the reviews to determine the other customer’s satisfaction rate. Use express gigs for fast approaching deadlines.

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