Offline Marketing Vs Online Marketing

Offline Marketing Vs Online Marketing

by John Wagner on July 9, 2012

Online Business Can Earn Offline


We’ve heard it said time and again that all offline businesses need to be online. It doesn’t matter if you’re solely a bricks and mortar business or only online, you’ve been told you need to be online to market your business. 

Your online business can be marketed through all the wonderful social media channels that exist as well as be searchable for when someone local searches for you. But have you ever considered how you can make even more money in your online business by hosting events offline?

Host Offline Events To Earn Income

Here are several different types of events you can host to earn money, such as:

  • A Class Rent a space, charge admissions, and teach for a couple of hours. You could do a one off class, or a 12 week class. It’s up to you.
  • A Workshop Much like the class, but more hands on. Ask everyone to bring a computer or rent an area with computers and help the participants do what you are teaching them to do.
  • A Local Consulting Club You can start a club, charge membership, and have monthly networking meetings for a small cover fee. Promote your business at the events.
  • A Live Seminar Rent a large space, line up some speakers, market the event and rake in the dough.

By hosting any of these types of events you can earn actual cash money. How to earn the money will depend on which type of events you decide to host.

You can charge attendees or participants directly or you can earn money on the back end by what you offer the attendees during and offlineafter the event. Additionally, you can seek sponsors for any of the events for an added income stream.

By incorporating any of these activities into your online business, you will further establish yourself as an expert, build wider connections, and increase your visibility.

To get started with any of these events, first identify what aspects of your current business will translate to any of the various event ideas, then try attending a few like events to get an idea about how they work. Finally, plan and market the event.

As a savvy online business person, there is no doubt that you can envision the possibilities. In fact, with one live seminar you can make more money in one night than you make all year in your online business with proper planning, marketing, and execution.

Depending upon the market, you can charge upwards of 500 dollars per person per day of the event. In addition, there are other money making opportunities on the backend, such as product sales, email address acquisition, and more.

If you’re wondering what you’d do at a seminar, for instance, here’s the other great thing — you can invite others to participate and present!

In exchange for a sponsorship that they pay you for in order to attend and speak, they get to promote their own products at the event. What can be better than making money from not only guests at the event, but the presenters as well!

Offline Business Marketing Conclusions

As you can see from the above that there are several ways to earn income offline from your online business.  You can probably find more ways that those listed it you put your mind to it.

You opportunities to earn money offline are equal to those online, and they will probably help increase your online business earnings and traffic also.

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